5 Living Room Inspirations

1. Not only am I nerding out over navy blue lately, but palm tree leaves have never looked better. I love this room because of all the vibrant colors being used.

Green Floral Pillow {$40} // Essex Upholstered Ottoman {$300} // Cream Stool {$129}

2. Fig tree’s are having a major moment and I can’t wait to get my hands on one! The juxtaposition of the outdoor tree and the preppy striped rug give me butterflies!

Artificial Fiddle Fig Leaf Tree // Chiara Coffee Table {#109} // Striped Rug {$275}

3. If you’re working with a tight space it’s a great idea to invest in a cool light fixture to draw the eyes up.

Diamond Pendant Chandelier // Sheepskin Rug {$229} // Herringbone Rug {$45+}

4. A cozy chic living room warms my heart and I think the quickest way to achieving this is with floor pillows.

Bronze Letter {$4} // Lab Floor Lamp {$100} // Laguna Floor Pillow {$70+}

5. It’s clean, sharp and an easy style to snag with a simple zig zag pillow. Because trends come and go so quickly I would suggest in getting the look with a pillow rather than investing in a larger ticketed item such as a sofa or rug.

Zig Zag Pillow {$40} // Deer Head {$50}

For more inspiration visit my “Home Sweet Home” pinterest board.

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