15 Travel Staples & 15 Ways To Wear Them

A good friend recently wrote in as she’ll be traveling to Isle Mujeres in Mexico for 3 nights with the girls and wants to know what to pack on a budget! I thought I’d share a few tips and travel staples that every wardrobe must have!

Tip for the traveling Damsels on a Dime:

- Keep your style simple. No need to run out and buy all the latest trends. Great style can be accomplished with the simplest black dress and heels.

- Switch up last year’s swim suit by purchasing a new bottom, or top {not both}. Most bikinis are sold in separates.

- Invest in a Chambray Shirt. It can be worn with anything and everything. Toss is over your bikini with shorts, wear it over a dress to change the look or wear it at night as a light jacket.

- Stick to one shoe color! This will save space and help narrow down your outfit options. Plus when you arrive at your destination, everything can mix and match well.

15 Travel Staples: 

1. Multicolored Tote {$30} // 2. Blue Cutoff Shorts {$50} // 3. Dotted Bikini Top {$48} // 4. Red Tank {$32} // 5. Blooms Bikini Top {$27} // 6.  Sierra Crossbody Bag {$100} // 7.  Dotted Bikini Bottom {$44} // 8. Black Leather Flip Flops {$25} // 9. Striped Downtown Skirt {$58} // 10. Endless Summer Striped Dress {$32}  // 11. Black Bikini Bottoms {$16} // 12. TopShop Black Dress {$32} // 13. Steve Madden Real Love Heels {$100} // 14.  J. Crew Perfect Tee {$25} // 15. Madewell Chambray Shirt {$70}

Click below to see 15+ Outfit Combinations with these pieces!


My favorite summer staples:

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27 thoughts on “15 Travel Staples & 15 Ways To Wear Them

  1. Love this post and really excited to hear that you intend on doing similar travel staple/what to pack posts. I find it so hard to dress myself when I don’t have my whole closet available to me…..I am traveling to Spain and Morocco for 15 days in March. I need to pack light and with versatility from a trek to niget on the town. I would be very thankful for your opinion on what to pack. Thank you again. Love you blog!

  2. LOVE this trip outfit formula! I always struggle to pack light. It’s the perfect mix and match selection for a warm weather trip.


  3. This post is SO SMART! How many times have I packed with tons of clothes laying all around my suitcase. Ha! I will remember this for my next trip!


  4. love the concept of this post! for the chambray shirt, is it a loose fit? i wear an extra small but i like things to fit baggy so should I order a size up? thanks!

  5. I am the worst over packer! I guess it’s the curse of being a girl, but I swear I always end up packing my entire closet and then only ever wearing my “staple” pieces! A chambray top is so great though because like you said, you can wear it casual with shorts or put it over a dress/maxi or maxi skirt and totally change up the look!

    I absolutely love your blog and style btw! I stumbled upon it the other day, and I’m so glad that I did!

    Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Please — no apostrophes when they’re not needed. Damsel’s should be Damsels and bikini’s should be bikinis. Thank you!

  7. i.love.this.post. SO much! i’m the WORST when it comes to packing! what a great idea of the multipurpose chambray!! you’re so flipping clever!


  8. Love all your selections and outfits! I have to do the same thing in a couple weeks for a quick Miami/Palm Beach getaway. How can I pack for a trip that includes pool chic, polo-ready AND nightlife? I’m lost.

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  10. This is the perfect post! I just booked a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach (first time on the East Coast, eek!) and need to fill up on summer staples. Thanks for the great ideas, pinning this post now!


  11. Love this post! Would love to see more of these kinds of posts- posts relating to packing/traveling, as well as posts on how to mix & match pieces.

  12. as my packages are trickling in, i’m falling in love with this post more and more!!! there is a good chance i’m never taking off the madewell chambray shirt. WINNER! the little quiksilver dress is a fave too. thanks again honey.

  13. Hey, I love these posts about the mixing and matching, would you consider doing one about all the different ways to wear a chambray? I’d love that! Thanks and enjoy your weekend!

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