Leather & Lace with Grace

I was jumping for Joie when the husband and I exchanged our Christmas presents this year. That is, jumping for joy, over my new Joie leather jacket! It has been a 3 year long headache trying to decide on a leather jacket and after countless efforts I’m happy to add this one to my wardrobe. I conveniently swung by the new Joie store on Melrose this week and picked up a cute late dress to compliment my hawt leather. Leather + Lace = Jacey is mucho happy! I went with a size small in the jacket so I could drape it over my shoulders easily.  He also got me the Grace Coddington Memoir which I’ve already started. If you’re struggling to find that fashionista in your life a last minute gift, I highly recommend it!

Joie Ailey Paper Leather Jacket {$898} // Joie Lebanon Lace with Cap Sleeves {$348, $261} // Chanel Clutch // Last Year’s Aldo Booties {similar ones here & here} // J.Crew Necklace {$228, c/o}

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17 thoughts on “Leather & Lace with Grace

  1. Love this outfit, Jacey! I’m still on a hunt for a great leather jacket – it’s good to hear that it’s possible to find love after searching for so long! And, like I commented a week or so ago, I love that necklace. Have a great weekend!

    Name’s Not Ashley

  2. Forget the gorgeous leather jacket (when I die, just bury me in leather)…or that sexy lace dress!
    I love YOUR HUSBAND!!!! :) One of THE sweetest men in the whole world!!! Can’t wait to see you two in a few days!!! xo

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