Video: How To Apply Foundation

Applying foundation can be quite the daunting task.

Got A Minute?

Since you’ve asked, I’ll answer. Here is a quick minute on how I apply my foundation.

Products Used:

Foundation 101
- Start with a clean face, lightly moisturized. After applying your eye make-up and concealer.
- Use 1 pump of MAC foundation and add a circle {half dollar or so sized} on the apple of your cheek about a half dollar coin size. Apply on both sides and let sit for about 20 seconds.
- Wet and rinse your beauty blender sponge then lightly start blotting foundation. Start from edges of the circle and move outward. Press the foundation into your skin, do not rub. Blot it up towards forehead, across bridge of nose and down to jaw line and under neck covering entire face {avoid eyes}.
- Be sure to get the creases of your nose & Repeat on both sides.
- End by pressing the remaining foundation into your cheek, firmly.
- Let the product dry and end with a small penny size amount of Benefit on each cheek to add dewy finish. Lightly dab Benefit product on each cheek & apply in same motion as base foundation.
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9 thoughts on “Video: How To Apply Foundation

  1. Thank you so much!

    Can we see your contour/bronzer routine when you get a chance? I’ve noticed what you do looks so good in photos and would love a demo/specific brushes you use!

  2. Hi! Sorry to ask again-wondering if you could tell us what round brush you used in the blow out video?
    Thanks so much and thanks for sharing your foundation video!

  3. LOVE! Thanks for posting. The Beauty Blender Sponge is THE best. I’m going to try the Benefit as well. I never would have thought to use something else after one layer of foundation. Also, to echo J, what brush do you use in the hair video? I have very fine hair like you do, and have tried so many. Okay….now we need a smokey eye tutorial! xxoo

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