The 9-5 Damsel

1. Noteworthy Notepad, Smythson Notepad {$60}: You don’t want to walk into a meeting with a ghetto spiral or scrap of printer paper do you? No. If you can’t take yourself seriously, who will?

2. Luxurious Loafers, J.Crew Loafers {$298}: I’m not saying to stomp around in flats 24/7, but when the work week is just too much to handle, or you’ve found yourself jetting across Central Park for a lunch date, a pair of cute flats will come in handy to give your heels a rest. But always keep your heels at hand in your trusty tote just in case you run into that cutie from accounting.

3. A Perfect Pencil, Heather Pencil Skirt {$132}: Just as you keep your pencils sharp, you must keep your pencil skirt style sharp too! A pencil skirt can carry you from spring to winter with the switch of a tight, chunky knit or a clean white blouse. It’s an office must have.

4. Walk With Pride Tote, Barney’s Classic Short Tote {$585}: I don’t care if it’s cost you an entire week of wages, invest in a great tote bag that you’re proud of. After all, you carry it around all day every day and lug your laptop, flats, make up, etc. . . in it. Make it count.

5. Bomb Business Card Holder, Reed Krakoff Business Card Holder {$130}: You meet a hottie at happy hour who has finally asked you for your digits. Scenario A: Scrambling around in the bottom of your “Walk With Pride Tote” only to find gum wrappers and a bent business card that may or may not have a stain of lip gloss on it {not hot}. Scenario B: You easily whip out a shiny business card holder that proves you are worth every flower, every call and every look that he will be inevitably sending your way because you have set standards.

6. 9-1-1 Make Up Kit, Bobbi Brown Make Up Set {$80}: Because you never know when or what might pop up between 8am-7pm it’s always essential to have an emergency make-up kit hidden in your desk drawer.

7. Smart Specs, Elizabeth & James Glasses {$215}: They’re on your face. Anything you put on your face should be considered an investment item. Period. If you don’t wear glasses then invest in great sunglasses. Again: Anything that touches your face is worth an investment. . . . . in case I didn’t say it before: It’s you face! It’s the first thing people see.

8. In A Clutch Clutch, Alexander Wang Clutch {$425}: Think: Happy Hour.


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19 thoughts on “The 9-5 Damsel

  1. “Anything you put on your face should be considered an investment item. Period.” That is such a great way to put it! I always have trouble justifying expensive shades but now, thanks to you….heh.

    Workwear is my favorite thing to wear and blog about so I love your picks and your notes! I love it when you write – you have a great sense of humor! Please write more! :)

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