Perfect Party Dress

From Halloween to Ho-Ho-Ho! So maybe I’m a bit premature on talking holiday {I beg to differ} but I am so ready for Santa to come this year! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had a mucho productive year and am eagerly awaiting our annual ski trip to Aspen {ahhh} OR if it’s because I can’t wait to start busting out cute holiday dresses like this hot little number by Shoshanna. Either way {and you might want to kill me} I said it, Christmas is coming!

Shoshanna Alexis Dress {$395, c/o} // ASOS Pointed High Heel {$80} // Me Char Clutch {c/o} // Old BCBG Belt that I always wear & you’re probably getting sick of

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25 thoughts on “Perfect Party Dress

  1. I completely agree with you! A: I love love love that belt and would wear it all the time too. Art Deco looking, no? B: I’ve already been stowing away gifts for Christmas this year! Come on Santa!



  2. hahaha laughed out loud at the belt comment, I just happened to be thinking that same thing! You always make it look fresh though so no worries!

  3. Just started reading your blog and I love it – it’s quickly become a favorite part of my morning ritual (or afternoon coffee break when I’m running late). I picked up the Parker jacket you wore earlier this week during the shopbop F&F sale and it was great seeing how you styled it.
    Thanks for introducing me to Heidi Merrick, I’m obsessed!

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  5. Just bought the heels in this post! I swear I buy so much off your blog. Also love the Blowpro Set. You never talk about nail color, being in sales I cant wear anything flashy but maybe you could talk about nail color sometime soon. :) VERY dedicated reader.

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