Do’s & Don’t Of Stacking Bracelets

Enameled peacock bangle {$98} // Hexagon Cuff {$32} // Wild side wide bangle {$68} // DANNIJO Tali Cuff {$304} // Tory Burch Reverse Cutout Logo Bangle {$135} // Gourmette gold-plated crystal bracelet {$890} // Skull charm leather wrap bracelet {$390} // Vanessa Mooney The Mesa Bracelet {$45} // NCbis Eve Bracelet {$215} // Gorjana Cullen {$58}

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8 thoughts on “Do’s & Don’t Of Stacking Bracelets

  1. Love how you stack your bracelets, but I just can’t get into this stacking thing… It’s too heavy and bulky for me.
    BTW, I voted for you on the Blogger style off. I still think you should have won:)

  2. Quick question for you, Jacey: I want a cozy hoodie for these beautiful fall days in Ohio, and I can’t find any cute hoodies anywhere. Where would you shop if you were to buy some?

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