7 thoughts on “Weekend Snaps

  1. Hi Jacey! Love your blog! I just came across it the other day and have spent hours going through your posts! You and your husband are the cutest and I’m kinda obsessed with your style. I live in Chicago and was just looking at your pics from when you moved out of your condo and it looks exactly like my view/balcony?!?! Did you by any chance live at 165 N canal?!?! If so, such a small world! Wish i would have bumped into you then but i enjoy reading about your lovely life in LA! xoxo

    • Hi Rena ~
      So funny! Yes I used to live there a very long time ago and recently sold my condo. That’s too funny! I’ll be in Chicago June 8th for the Simply Stylist Conference – hope to see you there! X

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