Farmer’s Daughter

My Dad sent me this today. It’s the busiest time of year for him as he’s currently harvesting our cotton crop. That’s right, for those of you who don’t know, I’m a farmer’s daughter born and raised in South Texas. These pictures are cotton that has been harvested and is ready to be sent to the gin mill. Farmer’s usually spray paint their “bales” of cotton so when it gets to the gin they know where it came from. Kind of funny that he put Damsel in Dior. Who knows, maybe our cotton will eventually make it’s way back into the clothes that some of you who read this very blog will wear one day.

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24 thoughts on “Farmer’s Daughter

  1. This just warmed my heart. I too grew up on a farm (now I’m a “big City lawyer” as they say) and I think it’s nice to be reminded of that sometimes in the hussle and bussle of City life. Your dad is obviously so proud of you. Keep up the fantastic work! I adore your blog.

  2. That is ADORABLE! I want to say that maybe one day my dad’s rice farm would put my name on his bags of rice… but that would be a little unorthodox and my dad isn’t actually farming the rice. He’s in Chicago…

  3. I grew up about 2 blocks from a cotton gin. My parents still live there, and my brother drives a module truck to transport the cotton from the field to the gin. So, this post was very dear to my heart. Thanks!

  4. Just came across your blog today and i love it! I am in south Texas and see these bails all the time. That’s awesome that he did that! So sweet!

  5. Love the blog…I’m a South Texas cotton farmer’s daughter myself! My jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw your round bales!

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