14 thoughts on “Leather Shorts Are Here To Stay

  1. I love that jacket! I am going to South Africa in August and that might be good to get for that and all of fall. Have you been? Any Safari outfit suggestions? Would that color bee too dark? Having a hard time figuring out pants jacket and boots that I will want to wear again and not just on safari!

    • I LOVE Africa!! I’ve never been to S.Africa, only Kenya and Tanzania. We went on safari in the NgoroNgoro Crater which was uh-maz-ing! This jacket would actually be PERFECT for Africa! I wore a lot of Khaki and white with green. I’d wear Toms :) X

  2. I have that jacket, too, and I totally agree with you! It pairs well with so many things. It’s a little crunchy b/c of the wax coating, but after a wash, it was easier to move in.

  3. OK, yay! So excited you posted this. And good call on the toms, I didn’t even think about that, I have brown ones that I never wear and they will be perfect! Thanks!

  4. Love this outfit!
    I agree with you regarding the jacket. I’ve had mine for almost 3 years and I will never part with it.
    By the way, what brand are your shoes? I’ve seen them in many of your posts. Starting to think I need a pair or at least a similar one.

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