26 thoughts on “Levi’s Curve ID & Me

    • Thanks Maria :) Yes we shot while I was home for the holidays. It was really fun :) Glad you liked it. Positive feedback is always appreciated! x

  1. Wow, Jacey! That promo is completely awesome! Congratulations on it!

    I grew up on a farm, so I know exactly what you mean by the fact that you’re a Levi’s kind of gal. I mean, jeans are a staple for everyone, even us farm girls.

    Congrats again!

    • Thanks Marissa ~ That’s awesome to hear I have some farm girls visiting the blog :) I’m so happy you enjoyed the promo and happy you came back. Check back soon! xx

  2. P.S. I’m taking your advice and going to invest in an Arty ring with my fantasy football winnings. I smoked all of the boys in my league. :)

  3. Hey, I absolutely loved the shoes!!! Now I can’t stop thinking about them! Would you mind sharing what brand they are?

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  6. This was great! I really love how you collaborated with a brand you had a personal affinity with! Love the shot of you and the hubby the sun was perfect! Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity with us all!!

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