Remember when I volunteered at an elephant orphanage on my honeymoon in Thailand? Every time I see an elephant now I am reminded “Bean You” (my elephant for the day) and wonder how she’s doing. Are you an elephant lover too? The beautiful Asian Elephants are endangered and need our help.  Click Here to learn more about how you can help.

Elephant Skirt {c/o Yumi KimMint Heels {$100} Red Button Down (James Perse, similar one here for $50} Club Monaco Belt, Goyard Bag, Cartier Love Bracelet, David Yurman Bracelets & Ring, Banana Republic Necklace {in stores, similar one here for $50},  Hermés Watch

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  1. JACEYYYYY. While I was having breakfast I saw on Good Morning America that it is suppose to snow 10-20 inches in Aspen. GOOD LUCK. Andddd.. I love this elephant print.. anddd I totally want to do that on my honeymoon andddd did you ever post more photos from your wedding day? I was looking and couldn’t find. <3 Happy Tuesday. I am drinking coffee can you tell?

    P.S. I went to Forever 21 this weekend and bought a black blazer (First ever)– you'd be proud.

  2. HAHAHAH Hi Maria ~ I’m drinking coffee right now too looking over the HEAPS of snow we’re getting in Aspen right now!!! It’s so beautiful and the dogs love it. I’ll be taking some fun pictures today so stay tuned. As for our wedding pictures, I’m patiently awaiting StyleMePretty.com to publish them before I can…tick tock tick tock.
    First EVER black blazer!!???? Good girl! You’ll wear the ‘ish outta it :) xx

  3. Jacey!! I have been quietly following ur blog for months…I don’t think I have ever seen such a good picture of your rings!
    I don’t want to be rude, but as a girl in a long relationship, I can’t help but ask about size, specs etc of your e ring?? Also, do you have any tips on how to get maximum bang for the buck for diamonds? Buy loose stone and get it set at a reputable jeweler, for ex? I can’t help but think you were smart about this kind of stuff

    Also..since I already wrote a novel, i just want to say your blog has been progressing to something incredible since I first discovered it! You must have so many quiet followers like me who agree support and love so I hope you keep it up!! Xxxx

    • Hi Rosa ~

      No worries on asking questions. I’m always happy to answer and it’s great you’re doing research on rings! My husband actually found this stone from a reputable jeweler. We didn’t use any major chains (i.e. DeBeers, Cartier, etc…) because they will have major mark ups. He found the diamond and then had it set separately. In order to have that done, we went ring shopping together (at the major chains) and I showed him what I liked and we took pictures of the settings. My diamond is a modified radiant cut. Please feel free to e-mail me at jacey@damselindior.com with any more questions.

      Good luck on ring shopping! It’s SO MUCH FUN!

      Also, I appreciate your compliments on the blog! I’m definitely trying to amp things up a bit and really love that you took notice.


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