my true love = Arcona

Have I ever blogged about skin care? No.

But that should go to show you how excited I am to share this new product with you. I went to get a facial about 3 weeks ago and like all facialists, mine was trying to sell me on some new product they had just gotten in.  She believed in it so much that she told me to promise to give it a try for 2 weeks and if I wasn’t satisfied she’d give me a full refund.  Why not? I purchased the travel kit, which will last you about a month. She advised me to cut the toner tea bar into quarters and put the remaining 3 in the fridge in a zip lock because the soap will last you for several months.

I. Love. Arcona.

I have never, ever been excited about skin care but this is the best thing I’ve ever been introduced to.  My skin feels lighter, fresher, younger and has been given it’s life back.  Before I was piling on lotion to hydrate, but with Arcona their “Magic White Ice” soaks straight into the skin and truly hydrates.  I literally don’t want to wear make-up (expect for mascara). The program takes a bit of adjusting, but if you’re up for it I strongly recommend getting the travel kit for $87 and testing it out for 2 weeks.

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